February 27, 2008

mmmkay v.2

I woke up and rushed to class, sans breakfast. Later on in the day hunger overwhelms me and I stop by Lori's with Andrea. I pay for her dinner as well. When I was younger my parents never wanted to eat at restaurants. We rarely went out to eat, partially because of money and partially because my parents just enjoy eating at home. Even when we did get food out, we usually brought it home to eat. Because of this, I have always had a special love for dining out. Every time I sit down at a restaurant table and order a meal it seems like a special occasion. I've realized that this has led to my less than frugal approach to food, even before we started this project, but I still end up falling into these binges where I barely eat anything at my own home. It's like a drug that's completely legal, and allows me to take a little time out from worrying about procrastinating, and looking for a job. It makes me feel ridiculous how many times I've considered getting addicted to cocaine, or meth instead. Then I'd get more done and have washboard abs.

cost: two bowls of vegetarian split pea, a juice, root beer, and ginger cookie come to $10.25.
feeling: Jaded

I bought some green onions and sour cream to make potato salad, because I have potatoes and they look delicious. I want to eat them before they rot like everything else I buy.
cost: $2.50
time: 12:30am
location: cub
feeling: strangely giddy

Tomorrow there's a lecture by Chip Kidd that everyone is excited about, I could care less. I don't mean to sound like I'm too cool for Chip Kidd, I love his work, but these design talks, and openings are starting to seem so fake. Everyone just shows up networks and leaves. The End. The idea of networking still seems terrible to me, even though its "so important to making it as a designer". If I ever introduce myself to any designer or artist its because I respect them and I don't expect anything from them in the future.

My education has helped me to realize that there is so much more in the world other than getting a job and designing. I want to help people, travel, live a sustainable existence. Before school life was just a one way street to me, you went to college chose a career that you loved, and worked your ass off until you died. Now life seems like an open field full of random adventure. I used to want to be a famous designer or artist, but now I just want to experience everything and hopefully leave the world slightly better than I recieved it.