February 28, 2008

Graffiti Research Lab

Today I woke up and rushed to class. I missed the bus and consumed some gas when Andrea drove me to westbank.

cost: free for me
time:9:00 am
location:the streets
feeling: embarassed , and disappointed that I slept to late and need to rely on Andrea. Also that I have gotten so bad at attendance that I need to go to class today or I risk being kicked out.

I buy a coffee and apple fritter to keep my energy up. No time to go home.
location:Regis Center
feeling:excited about the lecture, conflicted about my reasons for going to another lecture. The opportunity to hear them speak seems so different than usual talks, their work is much more militant and exciting

After class the graffiti research lab is having a lecture in the influx gallery in the Regis center. I'm totally surprised that they give lectures at schools. During the talk I find out that one of the founding members now teaches at Parsons. Everything makes more sense. Their goal is to equip artists with innovative new tools to create public works in the world. The entire time they talk about how they want their work to be completely free and open source, which to a large extent it is. However they also talk about how the hate corporations for stealing their ideas and profiting off them. I think this is a little contradictory, we can all agree that corporations aren't all good, but once you put work and techniques out into the world its bound to take on an uncontrollable life of it's own. Corporations mostly suck but is it fair to say that the techniques are free for the taking, unless you're big business? I'm not set on any position, but I'm leaning towards "no". Especially since they said that they didn't care if their views aligned with the organization they lent they're services to.
cost: freeeeeee
location:West bank
feeling:energized, excited

At 5:00 there is a bike ride around campus to test the bike mounted projectors the "Art on Wheels" class has made. It's fun but I expected a trip around all of Minneapolis, we ended up only going around the U and projecting on a building right next to the art dept. This is the first time the bikes have been outside, so it's mostly a test run. It's still a lot of fun, I get to test out the lightwriting system.

cost: free
location:U of M
feeling: excited, engaged

A friend of mine is having a low key birthday dinner at Herkimers. I take the opportunity to try crab cakes. They are okay, but I've hyped them up in my mind for so long that they're disappointing. I also pay for Andrea's dinner. I owe her for some groceries. It's expensive but I want to wish him a happy birthday so it's fine.
cost: $31.00
time: 8:30pm
feeling: unexcited about spending this much money.

A clothing company I've liked for a while is having a sale. A $75 hoodie is down to $35. I decide to go for it because I want to support the artists, and the sweatshirt looks fairly well made. More construction than your average hanes hoodie.
cost: $35

Expensive day, geez