February 8, 2008

Here we go bitches

So it' s been a mighty long time since I made a post. follow me on an epic journey that has little or no relevance to anyone but myself.

Feb 2
Today is the senior fashion show. Nearly all of my friends are associated with this show and about half of them have been shitting themselves creating lines for nearly a year. I have been persuaded to model for my friend Hilary's line of apocalyptic menswear. Watching everyone in the fashion department prepare for the show I can't help but feel alternately jealous and relieved that graphic design doesn't have a similar show. I've attended every year since I started here and it's always interesting to see what these people can create with their bare hands. These girls and sometimes guys work their asses off to get their lines finished, and it makes me feel like a wuss for the amount of work I've had to accomplish for my degree.

I arrive at 8:45am to begin dressing for the show. It's an all day long affair and by the last show at 8:00 any feelings of stage fright have been crushed by an overwhelming desire for a nap. On to the consumption!

time: 8:30
cost: free for me
location:Oasis markets
feeling:excited mostly sleepy

Catered UDS breakfast! I eat a bagel, 3 pastries, another bagel and a cup of coffee
time: 9:00
cost:free for me
feeling:still sleepy

Box Lunch. A surprisingly delicious boxed lunch, we are all surprised it came from UDS. Then we find a hair in a sandwich. mmmmmmm
time: 12:00pm
cost: free
location: McNamera
feeling: strangely not hungry, nervous, poopfilled

During breaks I try to read Introducing PostModernism. A lot of ideas I have been thinking about for the past year or so are included in this book. It makes me feel at the same time hopeful, because people have been discussing these ideas for years, and frustrated because no one has any answers.
Also this stuff is mad confusing and it takes me about 10 minutes to read and comprehend each page. If only I didn't actually want to understand these concepts, I would have been able to get through this class like most of my college career, without buying the books or reading.
time:random 10minutes sections of frustration
feeling:confused excited

8 veggie sandwiches from Milios, neon pink construction paper. Andrea and I have had a longstanding agreement that if we are still dating when she has her senior show, I will give her a gigantic sub as congratulations on the runway, instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers. Giant subs are $60 and I have less than $20 in my checking account at the moment so I end up giving her a bunch of regular size subs in a makeshift bouquet. Somehow Hilary's parents endup paying for all of it. They are good people.

time: 8:30pm

Feb 3
Today is mostly spent relaxing. I wake up at 4:00pm and rush to a ByDesign meeting. The rest of the day is spent pulling together a project I should have been working on all weekend.

time: 12:00pm
cost: free
location: apartment
feeling: magically exhausted

Cub Foods Pizza, and other foodz
cost: $13.00
location: Cub
feeling: relieved I finished the meeting, wary of the nights work

Feb 4
These next couple days pass in blurs of work. I now have about $7.00 in my checking account I expect to be paid on Wednesday.

Ramen, boca chicken patty, mayo, eggos. I was so excited for this eggo sandwich, but when I was putting the sandwich together I realized there was a spot of furiously blue mold in one of the syrup caverns. This will not end my hunger. I cut it out and ate the sandwich anyway. Mushrooms are mold and we eat those, right?
time:11:00 am

Andrea makes me a drink with dinner that she has been excited about. It ends up being a glassful of gin with some roses lime syrup in it. Mmmm I guess. I have reaffirmed my status of light weight. Every cloud has a silver lining, our drunken stupor results in this weeks Arbitrary Awards for the Wake.
time: 7:00pm
cost:free for me
feeling:curious, funny, the air is ripe for tranny jokes

I have recently fallen into a cycle of allnighters followed by 3 or 4 hours of midday sleep. It is oddly comforting. The night time is so peaceful. This has led to my strange love for black coffee, something I thought I would never enjoy.
time: 9:00pm
feeling:blah, more work more late nights

Feb 5
I spend the day at the wake office. Sleeping on the couch and finishing parts of the issue I am responsible for creating.

I get paid tomorrow so I blow my last 5 bucks on a slice of cheese and a slice of sausage pizza at Duffy's. This feeds my constant craving for pizza.
time: 11:00am
cost: $4.98
location: Duffy's
feeling:hungry and motivated

Feb 6
I checked my direct deposit and find out that I actually don't get paid until next week. Sweet. I have less than a dollar in my checking account, so I decide to kill two birds with one stone and sell some of my crappy old clothes. I just found out there was a Plato's Closet near my apartment so I arrive to sell some old jeans. They offer me $15 and I manage to haggle an extra $3 by asking, " It's probably not worth it to haggle, but can I have more money?"
time: 2:00pm
cost: +$18.00
location:Platos closet
feeling: fucking happy

I also find some change in my piggy bank and spend it on vitamin water. I guess the most important vitamin in these is crack, because I can't stop buying them.

My Lady takes me out to the green mill because she is craving mushroom sandwiches, I have a chicken crisp.
time: 9:00pm
cost: free for me,$8.99
location:Green Mill
feeling: elated, chicken sandwich!

Feb 07
I buy breakfast with my sweet plato money for me and my gal. 2 bowls of soup at Lori's plus beverages.
The soup at Lori's is the best thing that ever happened to poor hungry kids on the st.Paul campus
time: 11:00am
cost: $8.42
feeling: frustrated, I am still trying to finish the postmodernism book

I meet some friends at the Voltage fashion show pre show. I show up too late for anything worth while. These things are mostly boring. I spend the rest of the time exploring Northrop with Tyler while Hilary and Andrea attempt to lay a beatdown on a local band. It's been a long time since I've been able to relax with these people in anyway. The fashion show is over, and I've just finished the last round of corrections on some illustrations. This leads to bad impulse buys. I blow $5 on pizza again. But it is so gooooooood.

time: 9:00pm
feeling: delicious, happy

Feb 08
This morning I go to a meeting that goes surprisingly well. It ends early and I wait for my next meeting at Espresso Royale near McNamera. The music is terrible, if you thought Fallout Boy sucked imagine their afghani counterpart. I usually give anything from a foreign country points just for being different, but Screamo in different languages is incomprehensibly worse. I want to tear my ears off and start them on fire. I will buy a bagel sandwich instead

time:11:00 am
cost: $2.68
location: Espresso Royale
feeling:excited, then very very sad.

Ipod music shuffling
time: 11:30
cost: free
location: Espresso Royale
feeling: much relief

I do manage to get a lot of drawing done in my sketchbook. I haven't had time to do much purely fun drawing lately, this is a treat.

time: 11:30
cost: free
location: Espresso Royale
feeling: happy, satisfied