February 10, 2008


Today was an excellent day for my bank account. I was informed last night that my family was celebrating Chinese New Years at my Grandma's house today. I'm Cambodian but my ancestors were Chinese, so I end up celebrating New Years 3 times every year, once for America, once for China, and another time for Cambodia. This amounts to tons of delicious free family cookinz. Also whenever I go home I end up unwillingly getting money from my parents. YESSSSSSSSS. I try not to be a mooch but it's hard to pass up free money. I youtube with my brother and show him a Dan Deacon video, a baby sloth, and baby breakdancer that I have been obsessed with lately. He shows me the last play of the superbowl, since I didn't realize it had even happened.

Today is incredibly cold so I spend the rest of it indoors reading, and watching SNL with Andrea. We also spend about an hour youtubeing baby pigs, sea monsters, and turtles. Dinner is a frozen cheese pizza from the gas station across the street, washed down with a whiskey sour. classy

Interneting I visit the blogs of illustrators james jean, tomer and asaf tanuka, and jillian tamaki. I like to follow these illustrators because they make frequent posts, have excellent work, and document their process really well. I've learned more from these blogs than any University class on drawing or illustration.

I also check Rollernews, valo-brand, and be-mag. I have been rollerblading since I was in the 8th grade, despite my low skill level, it has always been one of my greater obsessions, other than drawing and more recently design. I check these sites to feel like I'm still involved in a hobby that I've had little to no time to indulge in the recent past. Graphic design is eating my soul, and shitting out mediocre grades.

I can't sleep because I'm disappointed with how my internship is stagnating. ByDesign was supposed to just be a summer job to get my requirement done but now I've been there for almost a year. One of my direction proposals got passed up with the client comment that it was too retro for them, I thought my direction was in no way retro. I know I shouldn't take these opinions personally, but it just made me realize that I won't be able to do the work that I want to do until I get a real internship, and stop doing identities, websites, and power point templates for University Departments. These thoughts are the reason I am up at 3:30am writing a blog post and searching for places I'd like to intern/work/change the world at.

On another note, I've realized I use a lot of toilet paper, I think I'm going to keep a running tally of how many squares I use from now on. I guess that will be better than keeping poop covered paper.

cost: free
feeling: cold and domestic
location: apartment
time: 11:00pm

Fried noodles, roast duck, rice, mango
feeling: happy
location: Grammy's house
time: 12:00 am

Mother Night
cost: free
feeling: tired
location: apartment
time: 9:00 pm

Looking Closer
time: 10:00pm

cost: free
feeling: bored(rollerblading), happy(pigs), inspired(illustration blogs), simultaneously defeated and invigorated(latenight job searching)
location: apartment
time: all day, it is cold.

feeling:hungry, cold, in need of garbage food
location:Oasis markets
time: 8:00pm