January 24, 2008

Do bugs have hearts?

I started the day by being late to a dentist appointment. This costs me $10 of gas to get to bloomington and back. I never feel like spending more than 10 dollars on gas at a time, meaning that I spend a lot of time testing how far you can go on the empty light.

Cost: $10
time: 10:30 am
Feeling: indifferent
Location: BP in bloomington

In an attempt to find an alternative to the current on the radio I end up listening to MPR. I've been terrible at keeping up with current events for most of my life but I've been trying to keep up as of late. They're interviewing Muhammad Yunus a nobel peace prize winner I have, not surprisingly, never heard of him. He's famous for his use of microloans to combat poverty. His ideas about economics and human nature are really amazing and I feel like a retard for never hearing of him before.

Cost: free
time: 10:45 am
Feeling: enlightened, restless, like I've been living in a cave for thirty years
Location: the vantron

I've been trying to be healthier lately so that means trying to eat breakfast. Cereal is okay, but I need something meatier. Plus a cocktail of vitamins, and allergy pills. The day has just begun and all I want to do is lay on the ground and ignore all of my responsibilities.

cost: freeish
time: 11:30am
feeling: apathetic
Location: apartment

I need to spend less time melting my brain with the internet. One site leads to the next and I'm on autopilot for about an hour

cost: free
time: 11:45am
feeling: apathetic
Location: apartment

I'm taking a piano class at the U, because I want to learn how to make beats and rock stadiums. However This means I have to by a textbook. The pricetag reminds me why I hate going to the U bookstores. I spend about 45 minutes contemplating whether or not to shoplift the book. They've added new cameras and I don't feel like being a sketchy bastard, so I end up paying for it. I'm never fast enough to tell them I don't need one of their hideous bookstore bags. CURSES! While I cased the bookstore I read a copy of Juxtapoz as cover.

cost: $79.95
time: 3:00 pm
feeling: internal struggle
Location: umn bookstore

I tried to bike to campus today and was reminded how much of a fatty winter makes me. Apparently I no longer have any tolerance for cold. By the time I get back all I want to do is fill my face with warm food. Dinner consists of things that will make me warm.

cost: freeish
time: 7:30 pm
feeling: frozen
Location: apartment

While writing this post my ladyfriend puts on Conan. Chapelle and common are guests!

cost: free
time: 11:50pm
feeling: lazy
location: apartment