January 29, 2008

oh yah fershure

I pulled another all nighter meaning high quantities of coffee, quaker oats squares, chips, and one cucumber, hummus, chips sandwich . It's mostly stress eating fueled by latenight deadline crazyness.

cost: prepaid
time: 3:00 am - 10:00 am
mood: anxious, frightened in a business kind of way
location: in front of my computer.

I also end up giving myself quick breaks to keep my sanity, by randomly checking the internets. I check rollernews, facebook, ebay, wikipedia, and fecalface.

cost: free
time:3:00 am - 10:00am
mood: anxious, stressed
location: computer

After crashing for a couple hours I bike to campus for an advisor meeting, and print off two 8.5 x 11 pages of roughs for a meeting.

cost: free
time: 4:00
mood: calm
location: mcneal 240

I recieve a reassuring phone call from the designer I'm doing illustrations for. I have been nervous about this project all weekend. They are up to par, and now we're waiting for feedback. I'm instantly more relaxed. A huge weight has been lifted. Andrea and I take a reluctant trip to the rosedale mall, to take advantage of free chipotle coupons that came in the mail. While we are there I purchase a copy of Swindle at the Borders, and chip and guacomole to accompany my free burrito at chipotle.

cost: about $9.80
time: 7:00pm
mood: relaxed, good spirits
location: roseville

burrito, chips, guacamole
cost: about $2.13
time: 7:30pm
mood: relaxed, good spirits
location: roseville