January 31, 2008

stress cakes

Today I spend most of the day recovering from previous all nighters. My consumption today just like everyday is mostly food and media.

shower, shampoo, bodywash, conditioner
mood: sleepy
cost: apartment paid water
location: apartment

breakfast: boca chicken patty sandwich and a vitamin water
mood: sleepy
cost: prepaid
location: apartment

Lunch: Turkey Sub from Big ten, criscut fries, large coke, and a cheese sub for the lady
time: 8:00pm
mood: hungry, happy, amazed at the human bodies ability to adjust to cold, maybe I just have hypothermia
cost: 14.14
location: BigTen subs east bank

Snack: big KitKat
mood: bored, unmotivated
cost: $1.00
location: McVendingmachines

Media: WoosterCollective, eyeteeth, rollernews, valo-brand, be-mag, bbcnews, fecalface, brooklyn vegan
mood: bored, unmotivated
cost: FREEE
location: McLAb 305

I more or less check these sites out of boredom. Valo-brand get's my attention for having the best design in rollerblading, although they still kind of suck, and having frequent updates of video clips. I download some Mp3s from brooklyn vegan since they have some songs featuring beirut, one of my favorite frenchhorn playing, gypsy dancing, fakemustache wearing whiteboys.