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Greetings Scholars

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On behalf of the very affable and lovable staff the Community-Service Learning Centre, I jovially welcome you to PBJ; the Official Blog for Scholars in the Community Engagement Scholars Program!

At the Community Service Learning Centre, our commitment to the sphere of Volunteerism is working for the greater good. This means being cognizant to the problems entrenched into the framework of society in addition to developing a thorough understanding their causes. Then together, we strive to address those issues through an approach grounded in integrating cognitive learning with practical experiences, fostering and strengthening community development and empowerment and inspiring a lifelong commitment to proactive citizenship.

We know you are receiving a top-notch education at the U. Community Involvement provides an invaluable, enriching perspective on how to apply your growing knowledge to help others. You'll gain insights into the world - and yourself - that you can bring back to the classroom and your future life. As you interact with people from diverse backgrounds, you'll learn more deeply about the complexity of our global community and your place in it. The process of engagement and reflection will enhance your critical thinking skills and help you grow as an ethical scholar, researcher and citizen.

...And this is where YOUR voice comes; we want to hear YOUR story through YOUR Lens!
So Come on, be a part of one heck of a delicious journey that we are about to embark upon and make this endeavor a meaningful and cherishable!

Happy Postings,
CESP Advisors!

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