May 7, 2007

Wreckage of African airliner found; no survivors

This aricle is about aliflight accident which was happend last Saturday. I think the biggest challenge to write this kind of report is to protect the privacy of the victims and to know the right number of the victims. The reporter needs to know why this accident is happened and has to suggest the way to prevent reoccurace. The reporter might need to interview professionals and the victims.

I prefer this article. He interviewed several people such as victims.

Comcast to integrate e-mail and voicemail online

This article is about Comcast Corp's new service, SmartZone, which is combined service of e-mail and voice messaging services. in a new Web-based communications center. The reporter explains what this serivice is and how it's going to affect to customers. To write this kind of report, the writer needs to be objective. He or she needs to be independent from Comcast which they are going to write. Although, Comcast might provide some basic information about new service, the reporter needs to more research besides news release. I think that might be biggest challange.

This article provide some more details and partners of Comcast. I think this article is better-written than first article becuae the reporter might investigate more than the reporter of first article.

Although both of them are well-written, I prefer the second article.

Premier League sues YouTube in Premier League sues YouTube in copyright row,16368,2483_2108111,00.html

These articles are about recent sue The Premier League to internet site YouTube for alleged copyright infringement, it was reported on Saturday. To write this article, the reporter needs to know basic knowledge about copyright law. He might interview a law professional to cover this issue. Also, the reporter needs to provide readers what's the debating point between The Primier League and internet site YouTube and how this judgement affects to netizen or other people.

Both of articles are well-written and explain the issue well. However, if I were the reporter I would interview or survey the netizen about this issue.

Movie Review : Spider-Man 3

Both of the articles are about recent released movie spiderman 3. The reporter provide simple plot of the movie and review the movie from their point of view. I think the fiest article is better written than second article because the reporter keeps objectivity and balanced perspecitive. To wirte this kind of report, the writer needs to know basic knowledge about the movie, such as director, actor or actress, plot, budget and how many audiences attended for the first released day. Also, the reporter must not provide detailed story line and must offer objective evaluation.

Recent movement of Yahoo Photos

Summary:This article is about recent movement of Yahoo Photos. Yahoo decided to close its photo service and because of popularity of Filckr which provides photo sharing service

Challanege: To write this kind of article, reporter needs to know a trend of technology and how this change is going to affect other industry and what this change means.

Although both of the article is dealing with the same topic, their way of approaching is quite different. While former article is focusing on Yahoo's policy changing, later article is focusing on how netizens are going to affected by the change of policy.

Opinion: I think both of the articles are well-written. I prefer later article,tho.

April 16, 2007

Public Records

I went to University of Minnesota Police Department last Wednesday to get public records. I wanted to get the record about my story which is college student suicide but I couldnt't get any of them. A recipent said it was very sensitive issue. Instead of getting records I could get a police officer's contact number. So, I tried to contact him but I couldn't. So, I went to UMPD police office again. But I couldn't meet him. So, I decided to get an agenda packet. I found one online. It was from City of Virginia, Minnesota, March 27,2007.
I realized it was so hard but good experience for me. I wish I can get a police record about my story,tho.

April 7, 2007

Climate report urges serious and immediate action

Summary: This article( is about a new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Governments across the globe are being urged to act immediately before climate change wipes out species, increases hunger and leads to water shortages and floods.

Challenge: The reporter needs to have ability to interpret report correcectly. Also, he/she needs to numbers of interviewee from various perspects and accurate statistical climate prediction.

Comparison: Both of articles showed problems on climate change. However, the way to approach them is a little different.


April 6, 2007

How to get over stress

It's time to finish their project and to take final exam. Failure on a test and too much presseure on exam can create frustration, depression or similar signs of stress. I want to interview the professionals about this issue and to know how people can get over stress.


Candice Price, MSW,L.I.C.S.W,
Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Clinic,
612-625-8475, cprice@bhs,

Carol Uchal
Administrative Assistant, Boynton Health Service

Dana Farley
Director of Health Promotion
Instructor, School of Public Health

Staff Psychologist, University Counseling and consulting services.

March 30, 2007

International student tution problem

International students' tuition is weigh more expensive than residents' one. I want to investigate why it has to be much more than resident student' and how this tuition is utilized.

Anthony R Baraga -Adjunct Assistant Professor/Radiology (office: Board of Regents) UMN Twin Cities
Board of Regents
Office Phone: +1 612-625-6300

Jonghee Lee, international students, 208-305-5801

Education Commette members and staff
Chair: Steve Kelley
Vice Chair: Rod Skoe
Ranking Minority member: Gen Olson
Office: 205 Capitol
Phone: (651) 296-2962
Meets: Tues., Thurs., 3:30 - 6 p.m. 15 Capitol

March 23, 2007

Anti war protest

There was an anti-iraq war proteste last Monday at the Coffman Union. More than 100 protesters spoke out "anti-war" and "money for the education." I want to know pros and cons about Iraq war from various perspectives. I will interview Muslim people which represents Iraq people and USA citizen(liberal and conservative) and Asian or other people. I want to ask what they think about Iraq war and what US lost and gain from wat.

Source list

Muslim Students Association
300 Washington Ave SE #126
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone: (651)235-5164

Sami Khwaja (khwa0006)

Minnesota Political Theory Colloquium
Department of Political Science
1414 Social Sciences Building
267 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612)624-4144

Ilya Winham (winha004)

Japan Student Association (#487)

Japan Student Association
126 Coffman Memorial Union
300 Washington Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612)310-8379

Satsuki Kagaya (kaga0012)

March 9, 2007

Korean adapted

The Minnesota State has the largest Korean adapted children community.They're adopted from South Korea when Korean war has broken out in 1950. I want to investigate what efforts the Minnesota state have made for them so far, such as financial support, higher education support and healthcare, and how we can support them.


Polly Berg, Children's home society family services
651-255-2236, 1-800-952-9302 ext. 2236

Roberta Rosenberg
Adopting from Korea
PO Box 292
Clarksville, MD 21029-0292

Minnesota Department of Human services
Hennepin County Social Services
Brookdale Human Services
6125 Shingle Creek Parkway, Suite 400 (N711)
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
(612) 348-5937
FAX (763) 549-3499

March 2, 2007

International students

A lot of international students are coming USA to study and learn English language.
Tandem plus program is a exchange program that makes connection between the studnets who want to learn different language.
I want to know why learning English language is important for them and how they are making an effort to improve English skill.
Also, I want to how U of M tries to emphasize the diversity.

Heejung Park, English Language Partner coordinator, 651-216-2352
Sunghun Park, President of Korean Student Organization, 612-203-0482
ISSS, International Students Scholar Services , 612-626-7100

February 5, 2007

Nursing professional shortage

Summary: Some of the Minnesota school districts are suffering from nursing professional shortage. The recent report indicated that Minnesota does not meet the federal guidelines, which “recommend one nurse for every 750 healthy students.� This report worries not only the parents of the children but also school nursing professionals.

Challenge: The reporter needs to have good numbers of nursing interviewee from school and accurate statistical student nurse ratio.

Comparison: Both of articles showed good example of school nursing shortage. However, the way to approach them is a little different. I think the article from the Star tribune is well focused but provided too many interviews. That makes the reader confused. However, the other one provided detailed information well.

Opinion: The reporter pointed out well about the school nursing shortage crisis in Minnesota. It was not informative to the readers because nursing shortage is well-known matter in US. Also, the reporter used same information repeatedly.

Recent issue in the North Iceland

Summary: This article was about the recent issue in the North Iceland between environmentalists along with some of people versus developmentalists with other parties of people in the Iceland. They were debating the basic issue of how to balance development and nature. There are pros and cons about having company like Aloca, which is the world’s largest aluminum company. This company will generate electricity from the Hydropower project. However, having the company will also cause severe harm to nature. The reporter said, “It has been the focus of the angriest and most divisive battle in recent Icelandic history.�

Challenge: This reporter needs to have not only basic knowledge about environmental matters but also some interests about recent phenomenon. Also, the reporter needs to have accurate information about the natural event, and needs to have unbiased opinion between two parties.


Opinion: I think the reporter did a good job providing unbiased information to readers. However, I think the reporter provided too much background information. That might be boring to readers.

Wisconsin whooping cranes killed in Florida storms

Title: Wisconsin whooping cranes killed in Florida storms

Summary: This article is reporting about whooping cranes, which is a bird that is endangered to extinct since 1941. Although they were led from south Wisconsin to Florida last fall as a project to protect them, they were killed in storms.

Challenge: The reporter needed to research many studies and did interviews with many experts to cover this report. At least, he/she needed to have basic knowledge about phycology to cover this.


Although this article is reporting about same situation, its focus is different from the other one. Former article blamed failed project of protecting birds but later one said environment has caused serious result.

Basically they are talking about same event, but their tone and word choice are very different