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How to get over stress

It's time to finish their project and to take final exam. Failure on a test and too much presseure on exam can create frustration, depression or similar signs of stress. I want to interview the professionals about this issue and to know how people can get over stress.


Candice Price, MSW,L.I.C.S.W,
Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Clinic,
612-625-8475, cprice@bhs,umn.edu

Carol Uchal
Administrative Assistant, Boynton Health Service
612-625-6410, cuchal@bhs.umn.edu

Dana Farley
Director of Health Promotion
Instructor, School of Public Health
612-625-5917, dfarley@bhs.umn.edu

Staff Psychologist, University Counseling and consulting services.
612-626-0150, hans1053@umn.edu