February 5, 2007

Recent issue in the North Iceland

Summary: This article was about the recent issue in the North Iceland between environmentalists along with some of people versus developmentalists with other parties of people in the Iceland. They were debating the basic issue of how to balance development and nature. There are pros and cons about having company like Aloca, which is the world’s largest aluminum company. This company will generate electricity from the Hydropower project. However, having the company will also cause severe harm to nature. The reporter said, “It has been the focus of the angriest and most divisive battle in recent Icelandic history.?

Challenge: This reporter needs to have not only basic knowledge about environmental matters but also some interests about recent phenomenon. Also, the reporter needs to have accurate information about the natural event, and needs to have unbiased opinion between two parties.


Opinion: I think the reporter did a good job providing unbiased information to readers. However, I think the reporter provided too much background information. That might be boring to readers.