February 5, 2007

Nursing professional shortage

Summary: Some of the Minnesota school districts are suffering from nursing professional shortage. The recent report indicated that Minnesota does not meet the federal guidelines, which ‚Äúrecommend one nurse for every 750 healthy students.‚Ä? This report worries not only the parents of the children but also school nursing professionals.

Challenge: The reporter needs to have good numbers of nursing interviewee from school and accurate statistical student nurse ratio.

Comparison: Both of articles showed good example of school nursing shortage. However, the way to approach them is a little different. I think the article from the Star tribune is well focused but provided too many interviews. That makes the reader confused. However, the other one provided detailed information well.

Opinion: The reporter pointed out well about the school nursing shortage crisis in Minnesota. It was not informative to the readers because nursing shortage is well-known matter in US. Also, the reporter used same information repeatedly.

Recent rise in violent crime in Suburbs

Summary: On Sunday, February 4, 2007, Star Tribune reported the recent rise in violent crime in Suburbs of Minnesota. ( The reporter explained, ‚ÄúCrime trends in the suburbs follow the recent rise in violent crime (murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault) in Minneapolis and other large U.S. cities.‚Ä? He explained this trends from demographic prospect. He cited several studies and neighborhood interviews.

Challenge: I think the reporter spent longer time and put more effort than other kinds of report to cover this one. The reporter probably needed to research many studies from various points of view and to interview with many people as many as he/she can.

Comparison: I could not find any other newspaper that covered same event.

Opinion: I think reporter did a good job. He researched many statistics and research paper and interviewed many neighbors. However, if I were a reporter, I would do more interviews with victims of recent crimes.