So classes are underway and so far they are going pretty well. I am taking 4 classes; Biogeography, Statistics, Physical development of infants and toddlers, and Australian Culture. Australian Cultures is my favorite class so far since I am actually learning the background of the culture and whatnot. Currently in my statistics class I am one of 15 girls in a class of 231. It is semi overwhelming walking into that classroom twice a week with all the guys. Most of them are computer science nerds and guys who want to become math teachers. They don't really understand that I am taking the class to complete a core subject but oh well.
In my physical development class, I am one of 7 people in the class. The early education program isn't as strong as the one at the U of M so it is nice knowing what they are talking about and not feeling so overwhelmed with information and random papers. Also in this class, they handed out play babies for us to carry with us on campus. Let's just say mine has sat on the top shelf in my room and hasn't moved since last Thursday. It is a very interesting class to say the least!
Outside of Uni, everything is going well. I am still trying to organize my life, yet enjoy everything Wollongong has to offer. I stay busy by going to the beach or into town with my friends and going to the local pubs/clubs/bars on Uni nights with everyone!
This past weekend, my friend Mara and I went to a small town called Berry. It was adorable and the hour and a half train ride was quite enjoyable. The views from the train were beautiful. We passed miles of rolling hills that went right into the ocean. It was picture perfect to say the least! Berry held up to our expectations as well. It was a very small town of 1600 people or so and it was adorable. The main street was full of little cafes, shops, and nightly motels to stay in. There were horse and carriages rides people could go on and music coming out of all the little boutiques. It was small, but it was a great way to get away from Uni and our dorms for the day!
Other than that, nothing new is really going on. I am still trying to figure out the difference between the many different games of rugby and the crazy lingo some of the people use here! :)
Well I best be getting on the homework!! i'll write soon!
love to you all!
oh ps...i never know if people are reading this so can someone let me know if you are getting them!!
I'll try to put up pictures soon too of all my adventures! :)

Well today was the first day of classes. I only had one class at 12:30 and it was nice seeing the uni busy with students, even though it was pouring the entire walk to class. (who packs an umbrella for Australia? Obviously I missed the memo!
It's nice knowing I am going to be in a routine now, and not just beach days everyday (not that I am complaining in the least!).
I went for a morning run along the beach today and it was very calming and relaxing, even though I was dying the entire time! :) It is just so beautiful here, I am so grateful to get this experience.
hope all is well back home! :)

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