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April 30, 2008

HnH Journal

Homework and Hoops Journal


Well today is my first day at HnH since winter break and it seems like an eternity since I have been here. I have to say I have missed it. I started with a new child this semester and I am glad I did since I had never even met my child from last on semester because he never came. My new kid’s name is Sophia. She is a very energetic and fun person and I really feel like I make her time at HnH valuable. When it came time to go do recreation time she wanted to be the people that run the game room and even though I had no idea what to do I figured she did so we did. It was pretty simple and she knew exactly what to do, just unlock the closet and hand out the stuff. We played carpetball the whole time and I was pretty good for my first time. Sophia said I was the best tutor so that made me feel pretty good considering she was the best I saw. When we went back upstairs she didn’t have any homework so we went and read some books. I noticed that I was the only boy on the entire girls side of the room, which was kind of interesting. It was nice to be the calm side of things for once as I looked at the chaos that was going on over on the boys side. All in all a pretty uneventful day, nothing out of the ordinary.


Today was a pretty hum drum day at HnH. Sophia and I did basically the same thing we did last time. We were the game room attendants and played carpetball. She brought some reading homework to do where she had to read a short story and then draw the events that happened in the story. It was pretty simple but I see the same thing that happens at other tables happening here. Sophia would try to play it off that she didn’t know what the answer was to try to get me to just give her the answers. It took me a little while but I got to the point where I could get her to figure it out by herself without trying to get me to simply do it. I feel like this is the role we are supposed to play here because if we just gave them the answers the children wouldn’t learn.


I switch off every other week with another tutor so Sophia still can’t remember my name. I wish she would cause it would be nice not to be asked or be called “tutor?. But I guess I can’t really blame her because I am not here every week and I know how hard it is for me to remember names. We went to the game room again and I wish we would go to the gym once in a while. Sophia says she doesn’t like to go to the gym because last time she fell and scraped up her arms so I guess it will be all game room all the time which I don’t necessarily prefer but I’m not here to do what I want. No homework again this time so we did more reading and then finished a story problem packet that she had started with her other tutor. One of the other tutors at our table is also in my MDG group for Arch 1701 so it is nice to see another familiar face.


This week was swamped for me and I couldn’t go to HnH. I emailed morrie and explained how I had 3 midterms this week and just didn’t have time and he said it was okay but I still felt bad that I couldn’t go especially because I only come every other week but what are you going to do.


This week the game room was closed because the store was going to be open down there so we stayed in the main room for recreation time. They had this game in the corner of the book area that we played that was a mixture of foosball and marbles. There were these tracks that ran down to the field and you dropped marbles into them to hit the ball into the goal. It was pretty fun and we didn’t lose any marbles, thanks to the guard rope we put on the ground. We still had to search under the couches to find a couple stragglers though. Sophia had a moon journal for homework but we couldn’t really work on it because the moon wasn’t out during the day. She showed me all the details though and I longed for the days when my homework was that simple and fun. Since we couldn’t really do the homework she did bring we decided to get some certificates and worked on some mad libs. This was a little frustrating for me because I had to constantly explain what an adverb, adjective, noun, verb, and pronoun were. I don’t know how elementary teachers do it because to me it seems so simple even though I know they haven’t learned it yet. It must be tough to teach things that seem to not need teaching, things that everyone should know. But when they are young this is when they learn these things so I guess I need to remember my schooldays more and be more patient.


No homework again today. I begin to wonder if Sophia ever has homework or just has it when she has another tutor. But I won’t complain. Today we played carpet ball for a while and then I decided to mix it up and asked her to play foosball. She seemed to really like the idea and so that is what we did. It was pretty one sided so then I switched to playing with just my goalie and that seemed to even things out a little bit. I find it hard to not play to my full ability because I am a very competitive person but I don’t want to dominate and have her never want to play again. This isn’t really a problem in carpetball because she usually beats me in that no matter how hard I try. When it was homework time we decided to play addition tic-tac-toe. This was put away as soon as we opened it because she didn’t want to touch the plastic spiders that were the pieces so we put it back. We decided to draw pictures instead and she loved the one I drew so I let her keep it. It was pretty simple by my standards but it was nice to draw simple, silly things instead of some serious architecture drawings. Especially because she gives me more compliments on these than my professors give on my other drawings. Today was a little tough on ,y part because I had a pretty nasty sunburn from falling asleep in the sun that day. It was so nice out I couldn’t resist but I guess that will teach me a lesson. Sophia gave me a little guff for being red but I deserved it. Next time I’ll use suntan lotion.

April 3, 2008

Some rough, very rough, ideas

I had to do these on paint because my other software wasn't working so these are a little rough but the ideas are still the same.
mockup 1.JPG
Just a simple cover, almost like a cover for a report to the UN. Clean but not really that eye catching.
mockup 2.JPG
This is more to the idea of taking a large image and writing over it, not very original but effective.


This one isn't really a mockup so much as an idea. I want to use the collage technique that people use to make pictures out of larger pictures and create one of the UN logo. Then just write on it like a normal image. I'm sure it would take a very long time but I think the outcome would be very cool.