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Hey guys! Jake here. As many of you may have noticed already, I am somewhat of an outspoken individual. Many of you may like that, and many of you may hate it. Hopefully either way we can all get along. I am really looking forward to exploring this class and meeting you all.

In my free time, which is seldom now that I have a job and classes are back in session, I love to spend my time playing pick-up basketball at the rec center. I longboard during warmer months and even compete in competitive downhill racing. I have injured myself plenty of times doing both of these things, but I will not be detered!

Something you might not know about me? Well I suppose I have epilepsy if that is interesting to anyone. I haven't had an incident for nearly 5 years so that's good news. I do have to say it makes for interesting conversations and some funny jokes amongst my friends at times. The sad part is I love flashy lights and such.

I like to find inspiration in most everything I do, from listening to music, to spending time with friends, and reading tons and tons of books. Movies fall right in line as well. I think one of my all time favorite films is Schinder's List, as such the performance by Liam Neeson in the film is one of the most inspiring and powerful of all time, brings me to tears. If you haven't seen the film, fair warning it contains spoilers. Also if you don't want to shed some serious tears, you might not want to watch either. But seriously, watch it.

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