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Hi all. One of my favorite experiences here at the U of M has been working at the University Athletic Communications office. It's been a great opportunity to participate in Gopher Athletics and to learn about Public Relations, so that has been a great experience for me. I was drawn to media production because I've always enjoyed making home videos and editing stories ever since elementary school. I also love seeing the behind-the-scenes footage of how movies get put together and I want to learn more about how movies and TV are made in general.
I really like the movie The Prestige. I thought the story about two competing theatre magicians was really compelling. The movie was directed by Christopher Nolan, so of course the plot was very twisty windy and filled with surprise betrayals. The most compelling part of the movie was the characters. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale both play dynamic characters who both possess good and evil traits. I think the movie does a great job of making a person think he or she has figured out the plot, and then turns everything upside down.
The image does a good job of putting the two competing magicians face to face to symbolize how the two are in a conflict. The woman in the middle started the rivalry and was the catalyst for each of the magicians' careers. The boxes in the background become significant of death and they are part of the "greatest illusion of all time". There's a faint bit of lightning in the background as well which becomes significant later in helping Hugh Jackman revamp his career, but also turns his character into a darker, less caring individual.
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