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Hello there. Again, my name is Bjorn Sorenson. I think my greatest accomplishment is dunking in a basketball game. I've heard that less than 1% of the population can dunk, so that was a special moment for me. Sports have always been my favorite activity and form of entertainment, but I also love music and film/TV. One of my favorite films is The Pixar Story, which is a documentary about Pixar's journey, going from just an idea to a massive success. I saw it last semester in my journalism class and I was truly inspired. In the future, I hope I can be creating things as awesome as Pixar films. It may be films, but I also see myself making commercials someday. I love commercials because I strongly dislike them. Despite my love for getting angry at them, they generally need to change and I would love to help with that cause.

Here's a scene from one of my favorite shows, Misfits. Nathan's friends are basically under a spell that makes them act extremely proper, and he is trying to stop it. So he puts on an act.

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