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Hello, I realize I'm a few hours late on the submission, but I figured I would still introduce myself to the class. My name is Channing Alto, I'm a senior and a COMM Studies major. One thing I briefly touched on in class but is probably my favorite thing I've done so far in life was recording/producing my band's first album this past summer/fall. We did everything professionally, but independent of any record label, so it was a great experience to have complete control of the project, creatively speaking and with all steps of production. The recording experience, as well as the ongoing promoting/distributing of the album has really sparked my interest in the production of other forms of media. I would say it definitely led me to signing up for this course, and I'm really looking forward to learning how to make Live to Tape videos.

As I said in class, my favorite movie is Almost Famous. The specific clip I chose is one of my favorites in movie history, and includes one of my favorite songs as well. Music easing tensions and bringing people together, I think it's a poetic scene.

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This is one of my favorite movie scenes...ever. I agree 100% with your last sentence.

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