Introduction: Aaron Bergland

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Hello, I am an English Major and will be graduating in 2014. I have been obsessed with creating stories ever since I can remember. I developed my first set of characters at the age of three. It was about a group of hired mercenaries who fought various foes. Matchers was the leader, Firkson was the brains, Jackal Death was the muscle, and Bob was the dopey coward who didn't really belong. Since then I created many fantasy worlds in my head that are partially written down on paper. I hope to someday complete these various works and have them published, and perhaps with a bit of luck, eventually turned into films.

My first real experience working with video equipment came at the age of eleven. I was appointed along with four other students to develop a short film about Elm Creek Elementary School to incoming students, who were merging from another school. Working with the professional editing equipment at Cable 12 studios and creating this film was one of my fondest memories from my childhood. Since then I have partaken in developing a few different films, but nothing too elaborate. I am taking this class because I would love to get more involved in video production in the future.

There are many great scenes from various shows and movies and is its difficult to choose a favorite scene. Below I have chosen a scene that I personally found to be particularly moving. This is a scene from the HBO show called Rome. In this scene Titus Pullo has been sentenced to death through the gladiator games. As his old friend Lucius Vorenus (who fought alongside him in battle for ten years in Gaul as members of the Thirteenth Legion) must stand idly by to watch his former comrade be executed.

Warning this scene is very graphic.

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