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Hi Everyone! My name is Courtney Thompson Im a senior and I cant wait to graduate! I have wanted to be a news anchor for as long as I can remember and I have had some experience with working in front of cameras and with production, but never to this extent. Im a super big cluts so Im a little worried about carrying expensive equipment so team work will be much appreciated! Currently I live in Lindstrom (aka south duluth! lol) so its a bit of a commute, I plan to become a city folk eventually, but not sure if I will be granted the connivence while im still in school though.

Throughout this class I hope Ill be able to understand the meaning of why certain techniques are used in movies and tv shows and how to use and become comfortable with the equipment. Now Im gonna talk ya'll back a bit here. But one movie I remember which had really intensely close and aggressive shots was in the movie The Blair witch project. Im sure we all watched this when we were going on a date in the 6th grade! But there really took close ups to a whole new level. Plus its about student film makers so it kind of works!

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Courtney! (It's your fellow Northerner by the way Linds) I think it's crazy that both of us want to be news anchors! I've never met anyone else who had such a desire like myself so that's awesome! Can't wait to learn more about you throughout the semester!

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