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Hello everyone,

I'm Hugh Simons. I suppose the most interesting thing about me is that I'm a half-deaf musician. I started playing the cello at the age of four, when my parents found out that I was functionally deaf in my right ear. I've been playing since, and I was second cellist for the Minnesota Youth Symphonies, Minnesota's (and one of the country's) most renowned high school orchestras. I've also played bass and guitar for over ten years each, and I can sort of play the drums, but you wouldn't want me as the drummer for your band. Despite having pretty bad hearing, I enjoy recording, mastering, production, and composition in my off-time.

At school, I'm focusing on communications and production. I work for Housing & Residential Life doing tech support for all eleven residence halls on campus. I'm also a member of the U's debate team, although I don't debate competitively -- I got sick of the hyper-competitive market after a life full of competitive classical music.

I enjoy history, especially 20th century to modern history. One of my favorite scenes in a movie is the opening to Saving Private Ryan. My family has WWII history -- my grandmother grew up as a Jew in hiding during the Nazi occupation. It illustrates the brutality of war and emphasizes the futility of combat on both sides of a battle. I think it is a testament to the power that a staged, fictitious scene can have to incite a less detached understanding of real human history.

WARNING: Extremely graphic

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