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Hello everyone, as you can see above my name is Brian. I am currently a Junior majoring in Communications. Just a heads up, I tend to be a fairly quiet person until I get to know people better, but I am always up for meeting new people and making new friends so don't hesitate to come talk to me.

During my free time I like to just spend time with friends and watch TV, Movies, or play video games. I used to play a bunch of sports back in high school, but now I am just a fan and try to play recreationally when I can which is not as often as I'd like to.

Something most people do not know about me or would not know about me from just looking at me is that I love to dance. Not ballet or tap dancing or anything like that, I just like to dance to good music. I was the kid in high school that would be the first one on the dance floor and usually the last to leave. Why did I decide to disclose this to a group of complete strangers you may ask? I have no idea.

For my media example I chose a clip from my favorite TV show Community. To be completely honest, Community isn't something I watch to learn anything new or for any life lessons. I just think it is hilarious and, in my opinion, the funniest show on TV. Everyone in Community is a little bit weird and a little bit different, but they all seem to get along well. I guess if it teaches us anything it's that we should embrace our differences and be who we are. Now this clip is multiple takes of a scene between my two favorite characters Troy and Abed. I just love the chemistry between them and how much you can get out of two actors who are really gelling.

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