Hi everyone, my name is Jeffrey Long, but most people call me Jeff. My friends also call me Juff, Jeffie, and J-Lo (not a big fan of this one).

One thing that you might not know about me is that I love sports. I have played football, basketball, and soccer my whole life. I havent missed a Vikings game in 11 years and I also love watching the Timberwolves, Twins, Gophers basketball, and Gophers football.

One of my most memorable moments is when I played in a soccer tournament on a fractured ankle and scored 4 goals in the semi-final. It was a really important game and I really didnt want to miss it. I had to get a doctor to like send electricty through my ankle before the game. It was intense!

Over break I didnt really do anything too crazy. Hung out with friends, played some football, basketball, and pond hockey, saw alot of movies, relaxed, partied and just had a fun time.

I picked 2 clips to share. The first one comes from The Pursuit of Happyness. I just really like how it makes me feel. It is inspiring and makes me happy. It is a reminder to follow your dreams.

The second clip is the train fight from Spider-Man 2. It is just really exciting and action packed. It is also very creative and innovative. It is a great action scene.


Jeff, I couldn't agree more from your first clip! I haven't seen that movie in so long and after watching it, I literally got goose bumps (or what I like to say: it tugged on my heart strings).

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