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What's good COMM 3201 class?!
My name is Lindsey as many of you know from the first day. Something that you didn't know about me (which is pretty hard to tell from my appearance) is that I'm 50% Middle Eastern. My mom came here from Syria when she was 16 years old. The reason as to why you would never guess that I'm mixed is because I don't look 'ethnic'; my dad was Polish (blonde hair and blue eyes) hence my last name, Gominsky, and I inherited most of his physical traits which is to explain why my skin isn't as dark and my features are light.
Over break I went and visited family in Chicago for a couple weeks and then went on a Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean (Bahamas, St. Marten, and St. Thomas). I actually just got back on Monday (the day before classes started).
Another thing that all of you may not know about me (but I'm sure will soon see) is that I'm a very outgoing person. I encourage anyone if they see me around campus, to come say hi. Don't be afraid, I don't bite! And I may even beat you too the punch if I happen to see you first!

With all that being said, I was going to post a clip of one of my favorite episodes from the show I Love Lucy. I was even contemplating posting the most memorable bloopers from the show Friends. Since I couldn't decide, I thought of a spoken poem I was introduced to around this time last year called Pass On by Michael Lee. My dad passed away unexpectedly on February 20th, 2012 and a classmate had introduced me to this video and I can't tell you enough how much it helped me and continues to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. His words are honestly so moving.

"Death does not come when a body is too exhausted to live. Death comes because the brilliance inside of us can only be contained for so long. We do not die, we pass on."

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Hey Girl! Its your northern friend Courtney! Thats awesome you were just on a cruise, I have always wanted to go on one! Im glad your in this class cause I am also super talkative so I think we will do just fine as a duo! lol

Im very sorry to here about your dad I couldn't imagine going through an unexpected loss like that! But it sounds like you are still in good spirits and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors :)

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