Prompt #1: Introductions

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For this forum post, introduce yourself to your fellow 3201-ers. Tell us one thing about you that we didn't already learn in class (What did you do over the break? What is the best thing you've ever done/experienced? What drew you to a media production course? Etc.).

Then, share one image or clip from one of your favorite films, television shows or video games. Tell us what you like about the image/clip or about the television show/film/video game in general.

Please respond to this prompt in a separate post. If you are enrolled in this class you have already been added as an author of this blog. Log in to UThink and then create a new entry for this blog. Please use #introductions as a tag for this post (When you make your post, you'll see a field below for "tags". Type "#introductions" there).

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