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While reading about literal and non-literal sounds, I couldn't help but think about Super Marios Bros. for the NES. This is one of the few things I could think of off the top of my head that has more non-literal sound than literal sound. The soundtrack is constantly playing throughout the entire game and literal sounds are made only when the gamer performs an action other than moving back and forth. This game would be incredibly awkward without the soundtrack playing, so it was an easy decision for the creators to make. The constant non-literal sound makes it easier to just keep on going in the game too. It's always sort of pushing the player to keep moving with the music. The literal sounds that Mario makes compliment the music, so that also keeps the player going.


I love this game I used to play it all the time!! This is the perfect example for an anticipated sound. People have this for ringtones and you just can't help but bounce back to the 90's. Good choice!

Definitely a good choice for sound. I agree with you of how the game would be a lot more awkward if there wasn't sound playing the entire time. Everybody now knows the soundtrack to these Nintendo games so they definitely did a good job creating a memorable soundtrack.

I really think the music has a purpose. It helps stage the stages and give a fun or interesting vibe to every level. I love the sounds of fireworks when you dominate a level and the cheery build-up after you kick Bowser's butt and save the Princess Peach and Toad. Love to hop and ding some blocks too.

Shigeru Miyamoto the founder of Super Mario Bros, truly had a huge impact on the gaming industry for many reasons. The post does a great job in highlighting the diegetic and non-diegetic sounds Miyamoto added in his game. Before Super Mario Brothers games had little to no music at all and the little music there was nothing was note worthy, nor did they make crisp digetic sounds, like bridge collapsing or Mario hitting a block.

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