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There were so many movies that came to mind when thinking about this blog post. However, one of my favorite movies is "Romeo and Juliet" starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. I love that the classic love story was able to be fused within modern times but still keeping the original dialogue. I think that the movie plays around with color symbolism in addition to using different hues and saturation.

One scene in particular that I believe stands out for using color symbolism:
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I believe this scene uses color symbolism particularly well with Juliet. By dressing her in a white costume (complete with angel wings) it gives the connotation that she is pure and innocent (As we often think of angels as glowing and white). Although in this particular still you cannot see it but she seems to stand out due to the contrast of other colors behind her. And although this blog is about the lighting the way the lighting is set up to accent their facial expressions reinforces the idea that she is meant to be innocent.
I really like how the scene looks a bit desaturated, the colors look a little bit faded but they do not seem to be too washed out either.

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Good choice! The scene where Romeo kills Tybalt is super intense and the colors definitely have a huge impact on the viewers feelings while watching it.

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