Framing #5

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Within this shot you see a close up of Beast in the movie X-Men First Class. This movie for those of you who have not seen it, is about mutant people- "superhero types" (people with special powers or talents) who are banning together to protect the humans from the bad mutants. These mutants are attempting to get the humans to wrongly fight each other in order to make them less of a threat to the mutants, so by creating a world war the bad mutants can end up taking over the world.

In this image Beast is flying their air plane as he rushes to stop a potential fight created by the protagonists between two countries that have no reason to be fighting. The angle of the shot is slightly off center creating a tilted horizon putting more intensity and action into the scene to show that this is not a easy, relaxing fight. The fierce concentration shown on Beasts face tells us he's potentially dodging other aircrafts or dangers in the sky, that are trying to stop him from reaching his destination to protect the humans, good mutants and most importantly, OUR WORLD!! .

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Good example and a awesome movie. You can defiantly tell Beast is stressed out and is not out for a walk in the park.

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