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How could one not think of Mary Poppins when discussing color in film? For those who don't know, Mary Poppins is a magical nanny who arrives at the home of Jane and Michael Banks (by umbrella). She challenges the stiff English upbringing the children's father (Mr. Banks) provides, while teaching the children some valuable lessons about life. The main contrast in the way color is used throughout this film is during Mary's 'magical adventures' with the kids and her close friend Bert. The first 'still' shows when Mary, Bert, Jane, and Michael were whisked away to an outing in an animated countryside. The colors portrayed in the animated countryside are all of high energy compared to the 'reality' depicted in the movie where the energy is rather low making colors appear more dull. I think this is an effective way to use color between the magical world and reality because the animated world is more playful and fun which makes sense to me why the colors would be more vibrant.



I agree with your assessment of the use of color between reality and fantasy in the movie. In the top clip the scene is not only more saturated and Technicolor, but the outfits are also more colorful and less conventional. The white of Mary’s dress suggests that she is a pure and nurturing person, and her friend Bert is dressed in a playful and friendly red and white striped coat suggesting that he is a fun character. I like how you contrasted this clip with the one below inside the house where the colors appear less saturated and blander. The kids are dressed in normal, mundane nightwear and the father is dressed in a dark suit. These two uses of color suggest formality above fun. Overall this is a good way to analyze how Mary Poppins brings exuberance and fun into the lives of the children.

I love the color is this clip as well as how it defines the differences between real life and reality. The colors are very vibrant and it makes great use out of it because it really makes certain things in the clip pop. Mary Poppins was definitely an interesting clip to look at because of the use of color.

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