Prompt #3: Color

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#3: Color. Post by 8 pm Feb. 11.

Find a still image or clip from a television show, film or video game that you feel exemplifies a compelling use of color.

Post the link to your image or clip and briefly introduce it (tell us what movie or show it's from, provide a little context). Then explain why/how it's a good example of using color effectively. What color choices are being made? What kind of impact to these color choices have? How might these choices effect what the viewer looks at, what they pay attention to, and/or how they feel?

Be sure to reference specific concepts covered in the Zettl reading in your response. You might, for example, consider color energy, saturation/desaturation, color temperature, color symbolism, color and sound combinations, and/or the 'inner orientation' functions of color.

Please use the tag #color for this post.

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