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When going through the Chapter, nonliteral sounds really caught my attention. Specifically, because, [the book] it states that nonliteral sounds include the hisses, boings, and whams in a cartoon that accompany the incredible feats of the main character; the romantic music during a tender love scene on a beach; or the rhythmic theme that introduces the evening news. Naturally, I thought of the Looney Toons (my childhood consisted of many Saturday mornings watching this).
However, my mind shifted after reading the part where it mentioned 'romantic music'. I use to play the computer game SIMS when I was in middle school. The computer game features a lot of nonliteral sounds, but one iconic nonliteral sound that stuck out to me was when two characters ended up falling in 'love' and would kiss. The music would build up as the two characters would move closer and closer together. At the very moment where the 'magic' would happen (when they would lock lips), the music would get louder and in a sense 'explode'.
If you really want to listen to the various sounds from the game, by all means, be my guest. But the specific nonliteral sound I am referring to can be heard between 1:37-2:05 in the clip.

Enjoy friends!

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I used to play this game all the time too!! I never would have thought about all those details of the non literal sounds at first but after watching this clip it all came back to me! good choice!

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