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The first movie I immediately thought of while reading the part of the chapter about predictive sounds was Jaws. The iconic melody of the is known even if you have never seen the movie. The music starts softly as Jaws, the shark (in case you haven't seen it or are not familiar with the movie..) gets closer to attacking and as he gets closer to his victim the music gets louder and faster. This acts as predictive sounds and is present throughout the movie whenever the shark is getting near, so it becomes a situational sound because it goes with the plot each time the shark is present (It is also present in each of the Jaws sequels as well). This music heightens the emotions and can manipulate the viewer's feelings because they know that this means something possibly scary is going to happen soon.

I think this clip is a good example of the predictive sound as well as ambient sounds and outer orientation function. There are a number of sounds that allow viewers to know they are near water, such as the splashing of the water on the shore and from people in the water and the seagulls.

Jaws is a perfect example of what the book refers to as "Leitmotiv" the short musical phrase that portends the appearance of a person, action or situation.


I think this is a great example of leitmotiv and how sound can set an ominous, fearful mood that warns the audience about what will happen next. When I first learned about the concept of leitmotiv I thought immediately of the composer John Williams and the Star Wars movies. For instance, the famous “Imperial Attack” song plays whenever Darth Vader enters the scene. This song is dark and powerful which contrasts the theme for Princess Leia which consists of more string instruments and sets a softer, more feminine tone. Williams also did the music for Jaws, so it seems as though he likes to favor this sort of predictive sound and leitmotiv when he composes for movies.

I agree with you in how this clip shows a great use of predictive sound as well as ambient sounds. When somebody hears this sound they know that something is going to happen. The song really helps set the tone of the whole movie.

This is a great clip for this sound blog. The sound is an indicator that Jaws is coming and its about to get real bad. Whenever the audience hears this sound they know something bad is about to happen. This movie came out decades ago, but everyone still knows this song/melody.

Perhaps the most memorable music scores ever written; this is a great choice for sound! Every time I hear the theme music to Jaws, my brain automatically goes the image of Jaws lurking in the water and rapidly approaching his prey, and I am sure that I am not alone on this one!

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