Building Depth

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Game of Thrones is often credited for having beautiful cinematography. The below screenshot is from the end of the first season, in which Khaleesi becomes the "mother of dragons". This still is a good example of depth. Khaleesi and her dragon take up the center and left sections of the screen, while blurred out worshipers are kneeling in the right side background. This shot displays clever depth of field, as Khaleesi stays the center focus, while her devout followers are shown in the background (with little focus). Z-axis blocking is used to line up the worshipers in the background, creating a larger sense of crowd density. There are only six or seven worshipers in the scene, but the angle of the camera, the focus on Khaleesi, and the blocking of the worshipers creates a sense that there are more worshipers surrounding Khaleesi off-camera. Planes are overlapped to create a larger sense of depth. While the furthest worshiper is likely 20 or 30 feet from Khaleesi, the in-focus Khaleesi and the out-of-focus worshipers make it seem as if the worshipers stretch much further back than they do in reality. These techniques of creating depth add to the dramatic aura required by the scene.

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Oh man, I could not agree with you more about the beautiful cinematography, that series is amazing. I also like your take on the fact that a small number of people at the edges of a screen give the sense that many more are present, that has a specific name but I can't remember it right now. Having seen the show I know it uses depth exceptionally well, especially in regards to scenes along The Wall.

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