Depth in Forrest Gump


The shot I chose is a very famous shot seen in several movies. It is seen several times within the scene when Forrest Gump has stumbled upon a a congressional and he is asked to share a few words to the masses of people. It is a linear perspective with very powerful and convincing view. In a linear perspective all objects look progressively smaller the further away they are, and parallel lines converge in the distance, with the vertical and horizontal lines becoming more crowded as they move away from the observer. All parallel lines converge and stop or disappear at the vanishing point, which always lies at eye level or camera level on the horizon line. Most people have probably seen this movie, but it is about a young man growing up and we watch him go through his childhood falling in love with his childhood friend and going into the army.



Amazing movie... This shot is fantastic.

I love this movie and this shot definitely helps show depth. It really does use great linear perspective to help show the amount of people and how they get smaller as the distance goes on. By doing this, it shows that there are A LOT of people that are in the audience.

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