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Oh man have I been waiting for a change to post a clip from this film. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is probably one of my top 3 movies of all time. This film is about a couple who meet, fall in love, and meet and fall in love again. I don't want to give away what happens, so if you haven't seen it, go watch it! Joel Barish the main character played by Jim Carrey is struggling to keep his memories after he makes a terrbile mistake, and throughout the film he is cycling through them. Through the use of mise-en-scene, they are able to effectively demonstrate the hectic and exciting world of his inner mind while dealing with this crisis. Near the middle of the clip he begins to flash back to his childhood, specifically a day where it was raining, and in his present mind, it begins to rain in his living room. Then his bike from his youth appears at the corner of the screen. The most interesting part to me is when he dives under the table to take cover from the rain. In his past he hid under a wood structured awning with a plastic ribbed top. The table is made of the exact same material, although constructed differently. I think this film is just awesome. There are little things like that scattered throughout the entire film. It gives it an excellent amount of narrative set design as well.
Lastly the filming is a style of its own and creates a really darkish mood at some parts, while being really light-hearted and exciting at the same time. Pretty much the whole film is shot in the telephoto sytle as well.

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I really enjoyed when we took a look at this clip in class. It was very cool how they conveyed his memories from when he was younger into his memories now. It definitely was interesting how they did that with a couple of objects and it helped connect the viewer with the situation.

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