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The clip I chose is from Guy Ritchie's film, Snatch. In this scene Tommy and Turkish (Jason Statham) has been forced by local kingpin, Brick Top, to enter their fighter, One Punch Mickey (Brad Pitt), into an underground boxing match where Mickey is suppose to fall in the fourth round. If Mickey does not fall in the fourth or knocks out his opponent, Brick Top intends to have them and their friends and family all killed.

The scene does a great job of picking up the intensity of the fight by using velocity change throughout the match, with a combination of slow motion shots, real time, and even effective use of freeze-frame shots. When Mickey Knocks his opponent down the first time, the camera zooms in on Tommy and Turkish showing their facial expressions of fear and discuss in slow motion that Mickey (the Gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champ) is not going to cooperate. This is followed by a slow motion shot of Brick Top, which helps build on the intensity, reminding the audience of the stakes involved of this fight.

At the very end of the fight, Mickey soars backwards through the air in slow motion and lands in a pool, which gives the audience the false sense that Mickey has fallen down for the count. As Mickey become alert once more, the slow motion stops and real time begins briefly as Mickey deals his opponent a knock-out punch. As his opponent receives the blow, slow motion is reapplied followed by a freeze-frame, where Turkish tells his audience his life is over.

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