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The clip I chose is from Spider-Man 2. In the clip, Peter Parker is meeting his friend Mary Jane at a cafe to see where they stand in their relationship. Suddenly Peter's "spider sense" goes off and this happens:

This scene does a great job with slow motion to really show how much danger Peter and M.J are in and how fast Peter can react. It creates a really cool effect and it is very intense when the glass shards fly over the characters. It uses velocity changes very effectively by having the car in slow motion, and then speeding the car back up to normal speed after it passes Peter. This helps the audience see just how fast the car was actually moving. The primary motion is Peter dodging the car while the secondary motion is the zoom in on the event. Overall it is a really cool scene and the use of slow motion makes a already cool scene ever better.


I loe the use of slow motion in action movies. It creates a great effect and really makes the shots pop with how intense they are. I agree that the velocity change with having the car speed back up to normal speed helps show how fast the car was actually moving. It definitely provides a cool shot.

Agreed! Slow motion is so important in action movies, because there is a lot of "action" that needs to be shown in a short period of time. Spider-Man does a great job of emulating cool action shots from slow-motion to real time to create a visually enhanced scene and action shot.

I loved this scene when it came out. Probably because it was the first scene I can distinctly used slow motion for a purpose outside of fighting or dodging bullet. This scene shows its audience how Spiderman’s spidey senses work, which inevitably leads to him having to dodge a massive vehicle being thrown at him.

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