Prompt #7 Visualization

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In this clip of my favorite tv show, The Office, there are many different examples of visualization and camera techniques. The first shot is of Dwight simply talking to Jim, who can not be seen at the time. The next shot starts off as an over-the-shoulder shot of Jim, but it also shows Dwight's face for a short time. Early on in this OTS shot of Jim the camera zooms in to a cross shot. Although Dwight is still in the shot, he is not in focus and there is very little of his face showing, that is why i would consider it a cross shot.
After this, the camera switches to a subjective camera style that is referred to as the direct -adress method (Zettl 218). This style of the subjective camera technique requires the actor or talent on screen to be talking directly to the camera, and therefore communicating directly with the audience. The Office uses a lot of this technique and that arises from it being shot as a documentary style tv show. Another show that uses a lot of this technique and is shot in this same way is Trailer Park Boys.

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I enjoy comedies that have the direct address camera, The Office being one of those shows in addition to Parks and Recreation and Modern Family. Both of these shows employ the direct address as a way of explaining a situation in greater detail, or for teaching some kind of lesson. I like this use of the camera because it’s almost a narration of what the characters really think about each other or their current situation, and the mock-documentary style also adds humor. I think this technique is especially effective in the end of the shows when it seems that the characters learn some kind of lesson. The audience can directly connect to the characters as the characters speak to them, and the audience can see how these lessons affect the characters in later scenes when the direct address method is not in use.

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