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I really like the way that Zombieland uses slow motion in the introduction/opening credits of the movie. The two minute intro shows people running away and getting attacked by zombies. I think that since the scene is in slow motion it definitely helps set the tone for the rest of the movie. It gives it a more humorous tone and does a great job setting up the movie. I really like the first clip from the intro, it does a very good job capturing the attention of the viewer. It shows a car accident with a lady flying in slow motion towards the ground. When she almost hits the ground it goes back to full speed, which creates a really gruesome shot. A large majority of these shots are also primary movement, which helps create a more gruesome shot. Since the character is the object moving, it really gives the slow motion shots a good feel. There is some secondary motion going on in some of the scenes. All of the secondary motion in the intro is just a simple pan done by the camera. I think that the primary motion is very important and makes the slow motion introduction really successful. Overall, the slow motion helps set up the movie and set the tone really appropriately. If you haven't, go check out Zombieland because it is a pretty funny movie.


This was clearly a great example of a slow motion shot. This was one of the first shots Ive seen where the slow motion is really dragged out and almost makes the viewer uncomfortable that the scene won't pick up, especially since scary movies are normally very fast moving. However, considering this is a spoof to the ever popular zombie world it does a great job of making the scary gross scenes a bit more comical.

I agree that this is a great example of a slow motion shot sequence. It helps intensify the idea of the zombie chase. I also agree with your comment that it helps set the mood and the movie in general. Great movie choice!

Joey, this couldn't have been a more perfect example of slow motion! I remember when Allyson showed it in class! I hadn't seen the movie since it came out in theaters but I think this is a great example and really shows the mood of the movie, that it's going to be ridiculously funny!

I remember we watched this example in class, and it is truly a great example of Slow-motion. Zombieland does a great job of incorporating subtle yet noticeable antics with the characters running away. Like the naked girl, you probably wouldn't have noticed her if it wasn't in slow motion! another great Example!

This is a fantastic example. It does help set the mood while also providing some horror and humor at the same time. Awesome movie to. Gotta love Bill Murray

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