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Prompt #11: Wrap-up (required).

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#11: Wrap-up. Post by 8 pm May 17.
For this post, please review your projects for Production One and Production Three. How has your work improved from Project One to Project Three - in terms of production (e.g., quality of lighting; sophistication of sound design, etc.) and/or in terms of working as a production team? Also, what advice would you give to someone just beginning in 3201?

Finally, do you have any parting words for your fellow 3201-ers?

Please tag this post #final.

Editing - Austin Plaine


I am sure we have all seen Forrest Gump at least once. We all know that he made the miraculous run across country and back for no reason. I think this scene of Forrest running depicts a perfect example of a montage. We get to follow him from the beginning, watch his fanbase/beard grow, and the end of his running days. You can tell that he ran over a long period of time because of the scenic shots they chose to use, the wear and tear in his clothes and hygiene, and the music sets a tone of longitivtiy.

After watching montages in class, I think this shows a great example of using not only film shots, but also the use of music and voiceovers to convey the entire scene.

Prompt #10 Editing


When talking about montages today in class I couldn't help but think of a scene from the movie Sweetest Thing. For those who haven't seen it, it's a little naughty, but hilarious! The two friends are on their way to a wedding. The clothes the were planning on wearing got ruined in a bathroom incident along the way so they stopped at this store where they were looking for new outfits to wear. In the movie they clearly ask one another if they have time for a movie montage and what you're about to see is it.

Personally I believe this is an example of a metric montage, the shots are cut together to a rhythm, bringing energy and purpose.

Editing- Aaron C.


I think that this clip does a good job with continuity editing. The first shot lays out what the room looks like and where everyone is looking. This helps set the scene and after the first shot, it mostly shows Micheal Scott looking in the direction of his co-workers, and his co-workers looking in his direction. This creates a nice converging index vector. I also think that this scene does a good job with it's shot selection. It starts by setting the scene of a meeting, in a medium sized room, with a nice long shot of everyone involved. It then proceeds to show mostly close-ups of people who are talking or expressing emotions on their face. Overall, I think this scene really shows a good example of continuity editing and is consistent throughout the scene. Enjoy.

Blog 10: Editing


I chose to write about a scene in one of my favorite shows, Scrubs. In this scene the main character J.D. is leaving the hospital for the last time. After years of working at Sacred Heart, he is moving to a new hospital to be closer to his son. On his way out he imagines what his future might hold.

I chose this clip because it is a great montage. We the audience get to see a montage of important moments in J.D.'s life. It follows the Cause-to-Effect order of sequential montage because it covers the major moments in his life from his marriage to his son's engagement. It is a very powerful and emotional scene especially in you are a fan of the show and know the characters.

Blog #10 - Editing

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For those of you that watch Breaking Bad, you know that the show generally has a serious tone. I found a clip that is more comical and shows a really cool display of the editing. The clips flow pretty well and I think there is a pretty good shot selection. The shots use a different kind of shot than what the show usually uses. The shots of the cars in the driveway are very unique to the show and the editing of them makes them look very cool. The clip uses good sequential montages to help progress the story before the cars pull up in the driveway. Overall, I think this is a cool clip and very unique editing for Breaking Bad. Definitely a good show, check it out.

Bjorn - Editing


This clip is from The Shawshank Redemption. The editing is fantastic. There's a good amount of jump cuts and great use of z-axis vectors. This editing makes viewers feel like Andy is trying to get away and making progress while doing so. That's exactly what is happening, and the editing does a good job of heightening the intensity of that type of situation.

Editing Blog Post - Brian


I think we are all familiar with the Disney Pixar movie Up. This clip is the montage that details the relationship between Ellie and Carl through scenes with no dialogue. I think this is a good example of complexity editing because the events take place over a long period of time, but because they are recognizable to everyone we can identify their meaning. This clip follows the Cause-to-Effect order of sequential montage because it covers the major moments in their lives ending with the tragic passing of Ellie. I think this scene uses key editing techniques to tell a story that is now considered one of the greatest love stories told on film.

Aaron Bergland: Editing and Visual Narrative

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There are a few continuity edit factor I am going to explore in the following clip.

This Dualtage, Awesome Work

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Okay so alot of people might not really like video games or Halo, but this video is an excellent example of many things found in the Zettle readings. There is excellent use of jump cuts and amazing use of continuous motion vectors, apart from the whole thing being a montage. I really liked the editing at the 1:57 mark and the use of a follow shot to establish the motion. Then the whole following sequence in those next 20 seconds after or so are just amazing. The flow of the shots is excellent with very nice jump cuts and fades composing a great flowing montage while maintaining a continuous motion vector. This is a great cross between a few of the different things we read about. The addition of well placed slows and screen shaking give you a much deeper feel of the game then a standard basic video would. This is just an impressive composition of shots making a kick-ass montage.

Blog #10- Editing

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There are clearly many types of editing techniques that are used in film, TV, ads etc. Continuity editing is an assembling of shots that ensure vector and vector field continuity. In this shot we see an example of converging motion vectors in the show Criminal Minds. This scene shows two men each moving towards opposites sides of the screen creating the mental map that they will eventually meet and then in the final shot. This is then confirmed when both men are shown in the same shot facing one another.

Prompt #10: Editing & visual narrative.

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#10: Editing & visual narrative. Post by 8 pm April 22.
Find a clip from a television show, film or video game that you feel provides a compelling example of one of the editing concepts discussed in the reading.

Post the link to your image or clip and briefly introduce it (tell us what movie or show it's from, provide a little context). Then explain the editing concept(s) or technique(s) it exemplifies. What editing choices were made? What kind of an impact do those choices have?

Be sure to reference specific concepts covered in the Zettl reading in your response. You might, for example, consider continuity editing; the 30 degree rule; jump cuts; complexity editing; or one of the various types of montages. If you share an example of an idea associative montage, please identify which kind of idea associative montage it is.

Please tag this post #editing

Blog 9-Parody

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I chose to write about the popular youtube series "BadMan". It is a parody of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. In the movie the Dark Knight Rises, there is a bomb that is going to go off in Gotham that would kill everyone. Batman decides to fly the bomb away from the city and save the day. This scene is a parody of that. To really have this parody be at its most effective one must have seen the Dark Knight Rises movie.

It is a parody because it takes a very important moment in a serious movie and turns it into a joke. Batman is portrayed as a joke/freak instead of the dark brooding hero. It is very successful because it mimics alot of the parts from the movie scene, but then turns it into a joke.

Mastercard Parody - Austin

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I am sure we have all seen the Mastercard commercials where they give a list of minor things that cost money, and then at the end give some sappy reasoning for spending all that money by saying: PRICELESS. These commercials have been around for a long time and there are many different versions that attribute to Mastercard.

This parody commercial about Julian Assange's "WikiLeaks" uses the same idea. To understand the parody, you have to already be aware of who Assange is and what WikiLeaks is. Assange and WikiLeaks became well known when he and many others working under him revealed thousands of classified government documents worldwide. Basically, he leaked everything he could find that he felt the public should know, whether it was ethical or not.

For the parody, instead of listing inexpensive and irrelevant price information (like a mastercard commercial would do), Assange lists off all of the things that pertain to keeping WikiLeaks afloat. The most important part of the parody that keeps with the Mastercard theme is the end when Assange says: PRICELESS.

This parody successfully works, because it literally mimics everything a Mastercard commercial would do. From listing price information, using the tagline "PRICELESS", and the end visuals, it makes for a well-informed and entertaining parody.

Mastercard Commercial:


Prompt #9: Commercials & Parody

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Apple commercials seem to be some of the most simple commercials on TV today, which makes parodies of their commercials really funny. If you take a look at my two examples, the original commercial is for Apple's MacBook Air. They are emphasizing how small it is by taking it out of a manila envelope. The parody commercial does a good job making the parody very easy to understand. They did this by taking a manilla envelope and taking pieces of big desktop computers out of it. The parody commercial does a great job because they mimic everything that the Apple commercial does in the ad for the MacBook Air. They took Apple's idea of a simple commercial and flipped it around to use a different product in their own style of the commercial. You can check out both the original commercial and the parody below:



Parody#8 Pajama Jeans


A parody is when you mock or immitate and author, show, commercial etc. The example I found was for an informercial Pajama Jeans. I just love these parodies because these commercials are so goofy anyway that you really don't need a parody for them, but its great entertainment. I laughed for about ten minutes at this parody! Just made my day! Enjoy!

Commercial Parody - Aaron C.

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This is a skit from SNL about commercials that athletes are in to promote different charities. In this case, Peyton Manning was in many commercials for United Way that depicted him giving the kids "priceless pep talks." The original ads were meant to be funny, but also promote United Way. SNL takes it to another level by having Peyton chuck footballs and kids, and take the game really seriously. SNL is clearly parody-ing these ads by making Peyton the "bad guy," instead of the good guy. I think these commercials and parodies of Peyton Manning are very funny.

http://youtu.be/WdFg6lV-TDg (best video I could find on youtube)

Parodies - Brian

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This video is an obvious parody of the iPhone 5 that came out this past fall. The commercial is drawing attention to the big changes apple made with the phone, while also making it into something ridiculous. The video actually mentions some of the features new to the iPhone 5 like the panoramic display, but is still parodying the idea by making it possible due to a 3 foot long phone. I hope you enjoyed this parody as much as I did.

Prompt #9 Commercials & Parody - Lindsey


I'm sure everyone has seen the high fructose corn syrup commercials; I swear last semester they were constantly on repeat! SNL did a parody on this commercial which I find hilarious! Please watch the original and then watch the parody, I promise it's worth it!



Parody- Essa

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When first thinking about parody movies like "Scary Movie" and movies of that nature came to my mind. I also tried to think about commercials that I believed to have parody but could not think of one and thus I resort to finding a movie.

Films with zombie apoclypses and attacks have always been popular and probably will always be. Shows like the "Walking Dead" and movies like "Dawn of th Dead" and "Night of the Living Dead" its obvious somewhere there has got to be a parody of this fad.

Shaun of the Dead is a perfect example of a parody film in my opinion. It takes an actual title name and changes it only slightly.

The basic idea f this movie is like any other zombie movie where the main character attempts to live their life, but it is interupted by the zombies attacknig the living and attempting to eat them.

This particular clip is a parody because Shaun does not seem frightened by the zombies while he is in the supermarket, where as in a a real zombie movie the character would have most likely freaked out at the sight of them.

There are more parts of this movie that exaggerate the conflict between the zombies and Shaun and his friends who are still alive which also add to the nature of the parody film.

Channing - Parody


As a sarcastically inclined individual, I have found a lot of enjoyment from parody throughout the years. As a younger lad, I watched a lot of South Park on Comedy Central. South Park is a show built quite heavily around parody, using a lot of topical issues/celebrities as their subjects. In this specific clip, the South Park creators are parodying both cliche movie preview advertisements and Rob Schneider at the same time. By exaggerating the ridiculous roles Rob Schneider has played throughout his career, using a super exaggeratedly intense/goofy voice-over tone, they make up something equally as ridiculous as The Animal, when Rob Schneider is: A Carrot.

Aaron B: Parody


There are a lot of great parodies to choose from in movies, tv shows, and commercials. The movie Space Balls is a complete spoof on the original Star Wars Trilogy, which is a great movie within itself. Of course many others have had great success as well: such as Austin Powers, Scary Movie, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story to name a few. I decided to shy away from the more well known parodies and have decided to show a few home brewed parodies that I felt did a good job poking fun at their original counterpart.

The first parody I wanted to show is a parody from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which gives its viewers a glimpse of what the show could have been like, if it would've been written toward an adult audience.

The second parody is a demonstration of an exaggerated experience playing a semi-popular game from the early 90s known as Crossfire. This first video below is the original commercial that aired in the early 90s. The second video is a video by James Rolfe, who filmed himself playing the game the way the advertisement insisted to kids their experience would be if they played Crossfire.

The last parody is also created by James Rolfe. This video delves into the Sega vs Nintendo commercial campaign of the Sega Genesis, who ruthlessly attacked Nintendo during Saturday morning cartoons, trying desperately to show kids how much better the Sega was versus Nintendo. This first video is Sega's over the top official commercial,the second video is James Rolfe's video poking fun at Sega. the final video is Sega's even more over the the top Sega CD commercial followed by James Rolfes mock up.

Bjorn - Parody


So this is a video that my friend Thomas (Toe-Moss) and I made in 9th grade. We basically improvised as we went, and it turned out awesome. We made the video in reaction to Billy Mays commercials and other infomercials that are like that. Things that are just overhyped and almost ridiculous. That's why this is a good parody of such things, it's absolutely ridiculous. We made up this product that is capable of making people better at doing things, which is just stupid to actually believe. Kind of how Billy Mays claimed that Mighty Putty would make everyones life a hell of a lot easier. It may be hard to believe, but yes.. that little dumbass in this video, the creator of the amazing machine, is me a mere 5 years ago.

Prompt #9: Commercials & parody

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Find and share a clip that you believe counts as a parody. The parody you share may be from a television show or movie, or it may be something created for the small/mobile screen (i.e., something someone made and shared on youtube or vimeo, etc).

After providing any background/context you feel is necessary to understand the parody, clearly identify what it is that you feel is being parodied. In other words, why can this clip be considered a parody? What is it parodying?

Note: While your examples can be parodies of any number of things, I especially encourage you to share parodies of commercials (if you know of/can find one) as they are particularly relevant to our work for the remainder of the semester.

Please use the tag #parody for this post.

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