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This clip is from The Shawshank Redemption. The editing is fantastic. There's a good amount of jump cuts and great use of z-axis vectors. This editing makes viewers feel like Andy is trying to get away and making progress while doing so. That's exactly what is happening, and the editing does a good job of heightening the intensity of that type of situation.


I absolutely love this movie! Don't know if I have ever been able to sit through the entire thing in one sitting but none the less great movie. However, Im not sure if I missed the example you were referring too but I didn't really see any jump shots according to how I understood the definition. I did see the z-axis vector when he was crawling through the poo pipe but how I understood jump cut is a sequence of shots on the same character with the views from the camera vary only slightly. Finding examples of this outside of interviews were difficult, if you could point out at which point they are using jump cuts that would be great.

Editing is crucial in this movie. I feel like this is one of the better movies that use sound editing to enhance the scenes. Cuing the lighting strikes along with the eery music really conveys a great visual. Good example!

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