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So this is a video that my friend Thomas (Toe-Moss) and I made in 9th grade. We basically improvised as we went, and it turned out awesome. We made the video in reaction to Billy Mays commercials and other infomercials that are like that. Things that are just overhyped and almost ridiculous. That's why this is a good parody of such things, it's absolutely ridiculous. We made up this product that is capable of making people better at doing things, which is just stupid to actually believe. Kind of how Billy Mays claimed that Mighty Putty would make everyones life a hell of a lot easier. It may be hard to believe, but yes.. that little dumbass in this video, the creator of the amazing machine, is me a mere 5 years ago.


This is a very funny parody. It reminds me a little bit of the “GameFly” commercials with Blake Griffin who is sitting on a desk and asking, “do you want to be amazing”. And then goes on to talk about how ordering GameFly will make you amazing. This commercial is a parody of both old commercials from the 70’s and infomercials like the ones you mentioned. Your parody does a good job of moving quickly with quick transitions and using humor to convey your message. These two commercials suggest that one can become amazing and cool just by purchasing one product. This obvious exaggeration is both entertaining and effective in a way because it allows a consumer to laugh and resonate with the advertisement. Both of these parodies are good examples of over-exaggeration and making fun of the classic styles of persuasion being used in commercials.

hahaha holy hell. this is gold. excellent use of exaggerated parody.

Great use of a well-known commercial that people tend to make fun of anyway! I agree with Laura that the exaggerations were great ways to convey humor and also a way for them to "connect" with the product (whether real or not).

HAHAHAHA!!! Bjorn!!! I can't believe that was you only 5 years ago!!! You look like a baby! I swear I've looked the same since 8th grade. ha
Anyway, I loved your exaggerated parody and how you used humor to get your message across!

Hey, let's get something straight. I never sucked at skateboarding, but to be serious I thought this was cool that you had a video of yourself to use to showcase parody. It was pretty well made for a younger guy as well! Obviously why you are in this class, am I right? Saw yourself as a future moviestar maybe?

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