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For those of you that watch Breaking Bad, you know that the show generally has a serious tone. I found a clip that is more comical and shows a really cool display of the editing. The clips flow pretty well and I think there is a pretty good shot selection. The shots use a different kind of shot than what the show usually uses. The shots of the cars in the driveway are very unique to the show and the editing of them makes them look very cool. The clip uses good sequential montages to help progress the story before the cars pull up in the driveway. Overall, I think this is a cool clip and very unique editing for Breaking Bad. Definitely a good show, check it out.

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Joey, first of all I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad but I haven't gotten to Season 5 yet. Anyway this is a really cool clip and like you said, it has a little more light-heartedness to it compared to the rest of the show. I agree this sequential shots are much more creative and unique compared to the usual mundane and longated shots the show is known for. Good example and great show!

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