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I chose to write about a scene in one of my favorite shows, Scrubs. In this scene the main character J.D. is leaving the hospital for the last time. After years of working at Sacred Heart, he is moving to a new hospital to be closer to his son. On his way out he imagines what his future might hold.

I chose this clip because it is a great montage. We the audience get to see a montage of important moments in J.D.'s life. It follows the Cause-to-Effect order of sequential montage because it covers the major moments in his life from his marriage to his son's engagement. It is a very powerful and emotional scene especially in you are a fan of the show and know the characters.


This almost made me cry when I first saw it. Definitely a great montage!

Well since my last comment on this didnt appear I figure I can just rewrite it. I really enjoyed this clip because it gave me so many damn feels. I think the use of the view into the future for a montage is really cool. When they flash the images across J.D.'s face we get a sense of emotion from both him and his future self. The incorporation of static things from the show into the future is really cool as well. Nice clip!

These types of shows always have a good montage when someone is leaving. Plus the music directors on these productions really enhance the entire scene/montage to evoke the greatest emotion possible! good example and great show!

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