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As a sarcastically inclined individual, I have found a lot of enjoyment from parody throughout the years. As a younger lad, I watched a lot of South Park on Comedy Central. South Park is a show built quite heavily around parody, using a lot of topical issues/celebrities as their subjects. In this specific clip, the South Park creators are parodying both cliche movie preview advertisements and Rob Schneider at the same time. By exaggerating the ridiculous roles Rob Schneider has played throughout his career, using a super exaggeratedly intense/goofy voice-over tone, they make up something equally as ridiculous as The Animal, when Rob Schneider is: A Carrot.


South Park is the best. One of my favorite parodies that they do is that of Mel Gibson, making him absolutely insane.. which I guess might not be a parody..

If you have ever seen the South Park parody of Jersey Shore you will know that they may have hit closer to the mark on reality than they wanted. That episode is a hilarious spin on what was to me an absolutely attrocious television show. South Park is able to poke fun at almost anything by creatively using parody to showcases its very.... unique ideas.

South Park is definitely a prime example of a show that loves making off the wall parodies. The one that sticks out best to me is the episode of South Park where Eric Cartman takes on the role of Jack Bauer from 24. They have the ticking clock the intense music and use all of the distinct 24 camera angles.

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