Commercial Parody - Aaron C.

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This is a skit from SNL about commercials that athletes are in to promote different charities. In this case, Peyton Manning was in many commercials for United Way that depicted him giving the kids "priceless pep talks." The original ads were meant to be funny, but also promote United Way. SNL takes it to another level by having Peyton chuck footballs and kids, and take the game really seriously. SNL is clearly parody-ing these ads by making Peyton the "bad guy," instead of the good guy. I think these commercials and parodies of Peyton Manning are very funny. (best video I could find on youtube)

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I love this parody. SNL and Peyton did a great job with this. It starts out looking like a normal united way commercial before it does the parody twist. Its hilarious and a great example.

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