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I am sure we have all seen Forrest Gump at least once. We all know that he made the miraculous run across country and back for no reason. I think this scene of Forrest running depicts a perfect example of a montage. We get to follow him from the beginning, watch his fanbase/beard grow, and the end of his running days. You can tell that he ran over a long period of time because of the scenic shots they chose to use, the wear and tear in his clothes and hygiene, and the music sets a tone of longitivtiy.

After watching montages in class, I think this shows a great example of using not only film shots, but also the use of music and voiceovers to convey the entire scene.


I like this montage because it is a good example of sequential analytical montage. It reminds me a bit of the classic Rocky movies and his training regimen. Forrest Gump may be more a parody of this particular montage in how it over exaggerates the ability of one man to run day in and day out for years. Just like in Rocky where it seems like Rocky doesn’t stop running, lifting, pushing, and fighting, the editing in Forrest Gump makes it look as if all he does is run. The different backgrounds during the scene help to show that Forrest has been running long distances because in one scene we see him running by a mountain and a desert in another. Without this change of scenery, it would be difficult to believe that Forrest had truly traversed the land. Also in Rocky there is a classic song that fits the scene perfectly. In Forrest Gump, the song is “Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne which is also another fitting song for Forrest as he continues to run with no reason to run, and nothing on his back but the clothes he wears. I think this is a great example of both sequential montage and even a little parody.

I absolutely love this movie and I agree with you that this a great example of a sequential analytical montage. I think it is cool how it just shows his fan base growing as well as his facial hair, which helps show the time passing.

what a boss

This is a great example of a montage. I also really like the growing facial hair, wear and tear of the clothes, and the growing number of people following him. Nice job

Forest Gump, what a great movie! The first time I saw this movie was when I eight years-old. This was one of those scenes that became embedded in my mind for years to come. Just watching his beard grow progressively through each shot , was an awesome way to show the time lapse from the beginning of the run to the end.

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