Editing- Aaron C.


I think that this clip does a good job with continuity editing. The first shot lays out what the room looks like and where everyone is looking. This helps set the scene and after the first shot, it mostly shows Micheal Scott looking in the direction of his co-workers, and his co-workers looking in his direction. This creates a nice converging index vector. I also think that this scene does a good job with it's shot selection. It starts by setting the scene of a meeting, in a medium sized room, with a nice long shot of everyone involved. It then proceeds to show mostly close-ups of people who are talking or expressing emotions on their face. Overall, I think this scene really shows a good example of continuity editing and is consistent throughout the scene. Enjoy.


I think you're right in that this is a nice example of continuity editing. The cuts do a good job of establishing the mise-en-scene where we can feel as if we're in the room with the characters. It establishes the setting where this is supposed to be another boring Michael Scott-led meeting about corporate nonsense. This is emphasized by how it cuts back between Michael’s excitement for his big sheet of paper, and the bored faces of the employees.

This is a great example of continuity editing. The Office has tons of these examples, whether it is Dwight and Jim back and forth at their desks or the conference room scenes like you posted. The quick cut backs between the shots really give a "real time" feel to the editing! nicce example!

Prior the office I can’t think of a show that brings in the camera man to film as if he is actually in the room. It’s interesting how they chose to intentionally make the camera man as a piece of the story line. Creating a documentary about their office that ends up going through nine full seasons. Some episodes they seem to get this fundamental, but its great in times when they remember and had have those awkward camera movements.

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