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I think we are all familiar with the Disney Pixar movie Up. This clip is the montage that details the relationship between Ellie and Carl through scenes with no dialogue. I think this is a good example of complexity editing because the events take place over a long period of time, but because they are recognizable to everyone we can identify their meaning. This clip follows the Cause-to-Effect order of sequential montage because it covers the major moments in their lives ending with the tragic passing of Ellie. I think this scene uses key editing techniques to tell a story that is now considered one of the greatest love stories told on film.


this is a great example of montage because it only has the major moment and skips tiny details that do not really matter to the plot and development of the story! Also the fact that there is no dialogue was an interesting choice made by editors as well. ... Also now i'm tearing up because this is the part is so sad.

This is THE BEST example of a sequential montage of Carl and Elle's life. (I think that's how you spell their names) I was so happy we got to watch this example in class! Hats off to you Brian!

I am happy that we got to take a look at this example of a montage, because it is definitely one of the best that I have seen, especially in a children's movie. It shows their lives, the ups and the downs. I also think that sound is this scene contributes to how effective the montage is.

This is a great montage. It is really emotional and shows decades of their lives cut down to a few minutes. There are ups and downs. Great example

I am glad you posted this one! Although I am not a huge animated movie fan, I think this maybe the one exception! The montage in this is so great, you don't realize this is a pixar movie. The shots captivate the viewer in such a way, that you are totally engulfed with the characters and become emotionally attached! great clip!

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