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When first thinking about parody movies like "Scary Movie" and movies of that nature came to my mind. I also tried to think about commercials that I believed to have parody but could not think of one and thus I resort to finding a movie.

Films with zombie apoclypses and attacks have always been popular and probably will always be. Shows like the "Walking Dead" and movies like "Dawn of th Dead" and "Night of the Living Dead" its obvious somewhere there has got to be a parody of this fad.

Shaun of the Dead is a perfect example of a parody film in my opinion. It takes an actual title name and changes it only slightly.

The basic idea f this movie is like any other zombie movie where the main character attempts to live their life, but it is interupted by the zombies attacknig the living and attempting to eat them.

This particular clip is a parody because Shaun does not seem frightened by the zombies while he is in the supermarket, where as in a a real zombie movie the character would have most likely freaked out at the sight of them.

There are more parts of this movie that exaggerate the conflict between the zombies and Shaun and his friends who are still alive which also add to the nature of the parody film.

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I have to say I rather enjoyed seeing this again after finishing up the third season of The Walking Dead. This is a rather well-done parody of zombie films in the last few decades. I really enjoy Shaun William Scotts approach to his role as well, it really lends to the sense that this is a parody of a film.

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